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Baseboard is an often unnoticed aspect of flooring, but it’s in nearly every room you see. Without it, rooms would look unfinished, worn out, and maybe even damaged. Cove base is the type of baseboard used in industrial and commercial settings because it is durable, protective, and sanitary. Improve the cleanliness and appearance of your facility with a professional cove base application from JDL Surface Innovations.


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What Is Cove Base and Why Is It Important?

A cove base refers to a piece of trim that is around the base of a room’s walls. It is typically angled or curved to create a water-tight, protective seal between the floor and the wall. Cove base is made of vinyl or rubber, and it comes in several sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches in height.

Many restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other commercial spaces are required to have a cove base, as it allows for a more hygienic area. It benefits any facility that needs frequent and thorough cleaning because the seamless finish prevents bacteria, mold, and excess water from accumulating in small gaps under the walls.

Expert Cove Base Installation Process

Though installing a cove base is relatively simple, the application process requires meticulous attention to detail to complete properly. To begin, each piece of the base must be measured perfectly to fit the trim of your room, and we’ll cut the corners and angles with expert precision. Then, we’ll clean and prepare the surface to ensure that the molding will adhere properly.

Next, we apply the adhesive and the cove base, pressing firmly at the base of the wall. Once the base has set, we’ll take the time to caulk any joints or gaps between pieces. Our installers make sure that there are no unfilled gaps, so the cove base is completely sealed. The cove base installation is complete and you have a more sanitary, polished facility.

Benefits of Professional Cove Base Installation


Cove base makes sweeping, mopping, and sanitation much easier as bacteria, dirt, and debris cannot get trapped under the walls. Additionally, the water-tight seal prohibits the accumulation of moisture and prevents mold issues.

Professional Appearance

The addition of a cove base to your facility creates a finished, professional appearance. It’s a simple, decorative element that speaks volumes about how well-maintained and clean you keep your space.

Durability & Protection

Cove base is made from long-lasting materials, like rubber and vinyl. It’s meant for industrial and commercial spaces, and it will not show much wear and tear over time. Additionally, it will protect your walls over time from wear and tear, scuffs, or scratches along the base.

Chemical Containment

When spills occur, you don’t have to worry about chemicals seeping into porous walls or baseboards. A cove base makes your facility safer as chemicals are fully contained.

Meets Safety Standards

Food code, for example, requires that restaurants and commercial kitchens have a cove base, as it creates a more sanitary environment that can be properly cleaned. Cove base is required in any type of facility that has to meet hygienic standards.

Why JDL Surface Innovations?

Whether you need a complete concrete resurfacing service or just the finishing details, like cove base, JDL Innovative Surfaces is the top choice in the Fort Myers region. Since 2010, we’ve been helping businesses achieve ideal, industrial-strength flooring solutions tailored to specific facilities’ needs. We’ll help you meet safety standards while upgrading your space with a finished, professional appearance.

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