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At JDL Surface Innovations, we take great pride in our concrete floor preparation service offering. Most companies do not have the machinery or expertise to handle large commercial spaces but this is where we excel. You can find some of the most frequently asked questions about surface preparation below.

Surface Preparation Questions

Surface prep is the removal of existing flooring (carpet, tile, laminate), coatings, glue, etc. Additionally, it includes the profiling of concrete through the use of ride-on scraper, shot blaster, and/or diamond grinders. When a floor needs to be sealed, coated or polished, it first needs to be prepped or the coating will be uneven or have a floor failure. If tile, wood or other applications are on the floor, taking up those applications are also part of the surface preparation process. We use our machines to remove everything on top of the floor and bring the floor back to it’s original state. The goal of surface preparation is to have a smooth surface that is porous and will accept a new coating application.  This allows the surface to be upgraded to a decorative finish with polymers or epoxy coatings. If you have more questions about our floor preparation process, you can visit our FAQ’s.

In certain applications, the Ride-On Scraper is the most effective tool to quickly and efficiently remove existing flooring. Diamond grinders remove coatings, adhesives, residue, and surface stains from the concrete while providing a profile. Shot blasting is one of the more aggressive methods used to profile concrete. 

We use a Propane Ride-On Floor Scraper as well as 32 and 22 inch concrete grinder with diamond blades. We have the ability to prepare very large surfaces at affordable costs. for more information about our equipment, you can see our equipment rentals page. 

Surface Preparation tasks can be done virtually dustless through the use of attached vacuums with HEPA filters.

For proper bonding of new flooring or coatings, it’s important that the surface has the correct profile. A concrete profile is a measure of the texture of the concrete, based on a scale of 1(very smooth) to 9 (very rough). The profile needed will be determined by the type of service the floor is subjected to and the flooring being installed. You can also refer to our latest blog on concrete demo and prep for more information.

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