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Never corrode and will maintain its good look for years
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Metallic coatings are a statement in style. As one of JDL Surface Innovations’ specialties, recreating the look of steel surfaces bears style and monetary benefits. 

However, the best advantage is that the metal surface will never corrode and will maintain its good looks for years. 

While simple in principle, installing this protective layer requires a professional touch. Achieving the 3D molten metal effect takes significant practice, but the results are worthwhile. 

Speak to our team today to learn more about how to create a look like galvanized steel or chrome and discuss various types of coatings.

Benefits of Metallic Floors Coatings

Metallic coatings in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas offer several benefits, such as: 

  • High impact resistance: The flooring protects the underlying concrete from tools you may accidentally drop. 
  • Cleaner surface: The coating shrugs off water and many chemicals, so you can easily clean up spills before they stain. These properties make it suitable for high-traffic environments and harsh working conditions. 
  • Durability: A good epoxy coating will last around five to ten years in a place with high foot traffic. In quieter zones, it will last twice as long. 
  • Aesthetics: The look is stunning and will complement several decor styles in various applications. 
  • Maintenance: You need to be a little more careful about what detergents you use on this surface. However, in most cases, warm water is more than enough. 
  • A luxe look for less: You pay a fraction of the cost of marble or stone. 

Reawaken Your Floor with Metallic Coatings in Cape Coral

Metallic coatings bring instant glamor into any space. Protective metallic coatings add light and a rich depth to your floors. As many of these coatings have the reflective capability of a metal product, they reflect your ceiling lights, subtly brightening the space. 

Metallic coatings in Fort Myers contain swirling patterns, a rich interplay of colors, and clever 3-D effects. The result is a rich and varied tapestry of style and design. 

We can replicate the luxe look of marble by drawing on the latest reference material. Then, by hand-casting the flakes and adding pigment, we can recreate the face of the finest steel without worrying about how to prevent corrosion. 

We can also recreate luxe looks such as marble and add a sprinkling of metallic elements directly to the protective layer. Thanks to our thorough preparation process, we ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results. 

We then carefully prime the floors to prevent moisture from seeping through and causing the epoxy to lift. Finally, after laying the base coat, we apply a highly protective top coat that brings out the gloss. 

As you can see, metallic coatings can transform even the dirtiest, oldest floor into a masterpiece. Contact us to learn more about the potential finishes you can create with this “liquid metal.” 

We can swirl together several colors to create an exciting floor or simply stick to the basics. Professionals working in showrooms find that whichever option they choose, they receive an impressive result.

The Coating Process

We begin the coating process by carefully stripping away the upper surface layer of concrete. We do this using one of the most premium diamond-griding tools on the market. Using this equipment ensures an even finish without a trace of residue. 

We clean this surface and then apply a priming agent containing a moisture barrier. This product ensures perfect adhesion to the concrete and that there will be no water issues for at least the first year. 

Then, we slowly lay the coating so that it sets evenly and smoothly. At this stage, we add design elements that make the floor look more realistic. We combine clear colors with glittery effects to create high-end looks for less. 

Finally, we allow the primary coat to dry before moving onto the polyaspartic layer. This protective layer adds additional strength and UV resistance. It also keeps the underlying layer pristine. 

Why JDL Surface Innovations?

We offer a complete flooring and coating service with numerous optional products and finishes. Metallic coatings in Fort Myers are growing in popularity partially because of the stunning effects we deliver.

We work with leading manufacturers and people in our team with top coating specialists to provide the best service. Over the last 12 years in business, we learned that focusing on service is the best way to remain successful. 

There’s a good reason that Fort Myers residents and those from surrounding areas call us first when they are thinking about a project. We’re the team that can make it happen to your specification, on time, and within budget.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection and ours. When you are ready to start exploring metallic coatings, call our team at JDL Surface Innovations at  239-772-0077 for an estimate.

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