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Garage coatings can transform your dull concrete surface into a showpiece.

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Garage coatings can transform your dull concrete surface into a showpiece. Contact our team at JDL Surface Innovations about the various finishes we offer for garage floor epoxy and other concrete coatings. 

We proudly offer several high-quality options to restore and protect your old concrete floor. In addition, our thorough installation process ensures the best adhesion to the underlying concrete. 

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are confident about the quality of our garage coatings in Fort Myers. You will not find better value for your money in the entire state of Florida. 

Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Resistance to Damage

A high-quality coating provides a superior level of damage resistance. As a result, your floors won’t:

  • Chip
  • Peel
  • Crack
  • Scratch
  • Discolor
  • Stain

Non-Slip Surface

A slippery surface can prove deadly in a garage, which counts against epoxy. However, with additives to the garage floor epoxy, you need never worry about traction again. It’s simply a matter of incorporating suitable additives. 

Low Maintenance

Coatings make concrete impermeable to liquids and many chemicals. As a result, it is easy to clear away spills before stains set in with a simple mop and warm water.

Even better is that there are no annual touchups or refinishes.


With the wide range of pigments, flakes, and other additives available, it’s easy to customize your garage coatings. For example, you could opt for luxe effects or a minimalist finish. 

Reawaken Your Floor with Garage Coatings

Garage floors have to withstand lots of abuse. Your car, heavy equipment, and the weather all contribute to the cracking and dirtying of the surface over time. Fortunately, garage coatings can bring new life to your aging concrete floors while improving their durability.

Garage coatings from JDL Surface Innovations can make those old, grubby floors look new again. By carefully preparing the concrete before applying epoxy coatings, we ensure we have a clean base from which to work. 

We ensure that it stays that way by priming the floor with a primer that incorporates a moisture barrier. We then coat the surface with high-grade polyurea and add the decorative features that make your floor shine. 

We also offer a wide range of finishes. For example, we can use standard flakes or recreate the look of expensive marble and stone. 

Finally, we add a polyaspartic top coat that can extend the lifespan of your new flooring by strengthening and protecting it. Not only does this layer add an extra element of chemical resistance, but it also contains UV-radiation protection. 

By incorporating this protective factor into the product, we prevent the fading and yellowing often seen due to sun damage. The polyaspartic topcoat is also far more robust than regular epoxy or polyurea, adding extra scratch and scuff resistance. 

Our garage coatings take your floor from drab to fab in just one day. It takes merely a day before the surface can bear weight, and you can use your garage.

The Coating Process

Our coating process starts by carefully preparing the surface. First, we diamond-grind the surface to reveal the pristine layers of concrete beneath it. We then roughen the surface and prime it with a moisture barrier primer. 

We do this to ensure that the polyurea coat adheres properly to the concrete. Then, we begin by laying the base coat. If you wish to add flakes or other decorative effects, we do so at this point and allow the surface to cure partially. 

We then clean up any loose bits of flake or any pieces protruding from the epoxy. When we complete this, we add the polyaspartic topcoat to seal everything. This coating protects against harmful UV rays that fade the surface. 

Depending on the size of the garage, we can finish the coating process in one day. Then, it takes one more day for the surface to be move-in ready. 

Why JDL Surface Innovations?

As your complete flooring and coating specialists, we can create stunning effects and durable finishes. With a solid 12-year track record, we work hard to maintain our reputation as Fort Myers leading flooring and coating contractor. 

We do so by working to high quality standards. Each team member commits to delivering the best possible service and delivers every time.

We are the top team because we maintain our certifications and commit to new training as the manufacturers create it. Knowing our products and processes intimately means knowing how to deal with potential pitfalls. 

Finally, we work with leading manufacturers who stand behind their products in the same way we stand behind our work. 

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and have the paperwork to prove it. Contact our JDL Surface Innovations team today by calling 239-772-0077 and receive your free quote on garage coatings. 

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