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At JDL Surface Innovations, we install polished concrete floors all over the state of Florida. It takes a well trained and well equipped team to properly execute a perfect polish. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects over the years and take pride in our work. That means we show up on time and have a commitment to quality applications that leave our customers happy.

Frequently Asked Polished Concrete Questions

Polished concrete is achieved through the processing of concrete using a series of mechanical polishing/grinding steps and application of densifier.   You can add appeal to your polished concrete through the use of colored dyes and epoxy borders to give nice crisp edges.  Application of guard and high-speed burnishing enhances the shine of your floor and adds protection.  No dry time is required which means the floor will be back in service as soon as the polishing is completed.

Polishing is a “Green” system since it conserves building materials and the solutions used have no VOC (chemical odors).  These floors are also energy efficient by reflecting light and helping to control the interior climate.  

Polished concrete floors have a much longer lifespan, and are more cost effective, and require less maintenance than other flooring systems.

Despite their shiny, mirror like appearance, the Concrete Polishing Council states “they are one of the safest flooring choices available”.   Polished concrete floors meet or exceed the slip coefficient of friction as set forth by the ADA and National Floor Safety Institute.  This makes them perfect in warehouses, stores, offices, showrooms, and even homes.

For proper bonding of new flooring or coatings, it’s important that the surface has the correct profile. A concrete profile is a measure of the texture of the concrete, based on a scale of 1(very smooth) to 9 (very rough). The profile needed will be determined by the type of service the floor is subjected to and the flooring being installed. You can also refer to our latest blog on concrete demo and prep for more information.

Polished concrete can be installed on new or existing concrete and allows all the nuances of the concrete to be seen.  It does not hide any blemishes of the concrete. 

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