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We deliver beautiful polished concrete floors!

Polished Concrete

We create beautiful polished concrete floors!

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At JDL Surface Innovations, we install polished concrete floors all over the state of Florida. It takes a well trained and well equipped team to properly execute a perfect polish. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects over the years and take pride in our work. That means we show up on time and have a commitment to quality applications that leave our customers happy.

Polished concrete results in a long-lasting, show-stopping effect that transforms an old concrete surface into something special. Our JDL Surface Innovations team uses a multistep process that rejuvenates and protects your floors for many years. 

Thanks to this specialist approach, we can create a high-gloss finish that resists dirt and shrugs off liquid. However, unlike other contractors, we take things a step further.


Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Installing polished concrete in Fort Myers offers several benefits, including the following: 

  • They brighten the space due to their reflectivity: As they reflect the light, it’s like having another light source. 
  • They are a low-maintenance solution because they are less absorbent than natural concrete: Adding a polyaspartic layer on top reduces the upkeep and simplifies cleaning. 
  • They are more affordable than stone finishes while replicating the effect: This high-end finish turns any space into a showroom at a fraction of the cost of marble or slate. 
  • They are harder and more durable than the natural material: Concrete is durable but prone to cracking and chipping. By polishing the surface, you make it strong enough to last a century or more. 
  • You reduce dusting and efflorescence: With unfinished concrete, dust sloughs off all the time, leaving a powdery residue in its wake. 

Reawaken Your Floor with Polished Concrete in Cape Coral

A concrete slab is durable and inexpensive but has several inherent weaknesses. These include being: 

  • Highly porous
  • Easy to stain
  • Unable to withstand pressure, chemicals, or extremes of temperature
  • Easy to chip and stain

However, the primary issue with the standard concrete slab is its porous nature. It absorbs spills deep into the concrete layer. The pores also trap dust and grime, leaving the surface looking grubby in a short amount of time. 

Many property owners believe they will never get rid of the grimy mess. At least they do until they see what we can accomplish when polishing concrete. Our skilled team makes short work of the dirt and refreshes the surface so well you’ll think it’s new. 

We use a multistep diamond polishing process to remove the upper grimy layers. With each successive step, we use a finer grit to polish the surface effectively. As a result, your polished concrete surface looks better than new, with no trace of dirty residue. 

The effect is a high-gloss finish that looks magnificent. Many property owners opt for a natural finish, but for the more creative, there are several options. You can differentiate your floor with dyes or stains for a truly unique effect. 

The advantage of combining these techniques is that you can never be sure how it will come out. The different aggregates within the concrete create a depth of color that is difficult to match.

The Polishing Process

While not strictly necessary, a polyaspartic topcoat instantly upgrades the surface. Polished concrete features very fine pores that do not allow much in the way of liquid to pass. However, there is still some chance of staining if you are not careful. 

The coating process we use bonds permanently to the concrete, creating an impermeable layer. The clear topcoat prevents anything from marring the surface in the next ten to 15 years. It’s a tough layer that protects the concrete from changes in temperature and sunlight. 

In addition, having built-in UV protection means that any stains or dyes you apply will not fade. 

We apply our high-quality polyaspartic sealant after we grind and clean the floors. By properly preparing the surface, we ensure that it sinks into the pores and settles into a level layer. 

The sealant takes no time to apply and will take weight within 24 hours. 

Why JDL Surface Innovations?

Very few specialists are left who understand how to perform the task correctly. Of those specialists, many take shortcuts because the process is time-consuming. 

At JDL Surface Innovations, we refuse to take chances. When we began in 2010, we promised Fort Myers and the surrounding communities that we’d work to the highest quality standards. Keeping that promise is why we are the area’s leading concrete contractors today. 

We offer a full-service solution specializing in industrial and commercial flooring applications. Our clients appreciate our thorough approach, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and absolute commitment to quality. 

We work with expert crews who keep their certifications up to date. We select our teams carefully for their attitude, skills, and reliability. 

We are your fully insured and bonded flooring and coating contractors. Experience the JDL Surface Innovations difference by calling us at 239-230-3312 for your free estimate on your polished concrete project.

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