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Surface prep is the removal of existing flooring (carpet, tile, laminate), coatings, glue, etc. Additionally, it includes the profiling of concrete through the use of ride-on scraper, shot blaster, and/or diamond grinders. For proper bonding of new flooring or coatings, it’s important that the surface has the correct profile. A concrete profile is a measure of the texture of the concrete, based on a scale of 1(very smooth) to 9 (very rough). The profile needed will be determined by the type of service the floor is subjected to and the flooring being installed.

In certain applications, the Ride-On Scraper is the most effective tool to quickly and efficiently remove existing flooring. Diamond grinders remove coatings, adhesives, residue, and surface stains from the concrete while providing a profile. Shot blasting is one of the more aggressive methods used to profile concrete. These tasks can be done virtually dustless through the use of attached vacuums with HEPA filters.

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