Full service concrete resurfacing and refinishing

Epoxy is a non cementitious product that is applied to the top of the surface. Epoxy flake floors and metallic epoxy are most commonly used. The advantage of epoxy is since it is non-porous, odor causing bacteria, grease and oils, along with other spills stay of the surface and can be cleaned easily. With epoxy, you get a much broader color and texture pallet which allows to create almost any look you may be going for.

Polish concrete is a process of grinding the existing concrete until the desired shine is achieved. Even though the surface has been polished and sealed, it is still a semonticious surface (porous). The advantage for polish concrete is the industrial look, lower cost point than most other options, and the overall durability of the floor.

JDL offers a 1 year warranty on the workmanship of the installation as well as a manufacturer warranty . Manufacturer warranties will vary; however most are a one year after installation.

Our standard terms are 50% down with signed estimate and the balance due upon completion.

We accept cash, check, visa/debit, e-check, and bitcoin.

There are a lot of variables to determine the cost of the project. With epoxy you have to consider if there is an existing coating of material that you are applying to or removing, is there any patching needed to the floor, will the joints be filled, and will there be covebase (ie: baseboard done in epoxy), just to name a few. Typically with epoxy, we start at a $5/SQFT price that can either increase or decrease depending on the specifics of the project. With Polish, there again are many variables to determine the price. Some things to consider are if we are applying dye (color) or stencils, how many edges (ie walls, corners, doorways) that will be done by hand, is patching required, if joints will be filled, and the level of desired shine you are going for. Our polish pricing is typically around the $2/SQFT price and can increase or decrease depending on the scope of the work being done.

The normal amount time that is given to schedule a job is 2 weeks. This give us the time to make sure all material has been received and ready for your job. It also gives time to the customer to prepare and coordinate with other trades if applicable that may also be working on your project and to make sure the area is cleared and ready for us to come in to perform the work..

An epoxy floor can be walked on 24 hours after the floor is finished. Always test the floor by feeling a small area, if the floor is still tacky, continue to wait and check back every 6 hours. You should wait 48 hours before using heavy equipment or vehicles on the surface. With a polished floor, as soon as the floor is finished it is ready to use. The final step seals the concrete and makes it ready to use right away. We do recommend that you protect the finished floor if you are having other construction work done, as the floor is susiplte to scratches and staining.