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While they are an often overlooked aspect, expansion joints are an important part of concrete that cannot be neglected

Expansion Joints: What Are and Why Are They Important?

Concrete expansion joints are intentional gaps or spaces between concrete slabs that facilitate concrete’s natural expansion and contraction. As a porous substance, concrete expands with water absorption. Other factors, such as temperature fluctuation or invasive roots, can cause concrete to shift or expand as well.

Without expansion joints, concrete’s movement can cause serious damage, like cracking. Expansion joints also play a significant role in distributing pressure and reducing overall stress on the concrete. In all, they are an effective tool to improve the longevity and durability of your concrete surfaces

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JDL Surface Innovations’ expansion joint service extends the lifespan of your concrete and protects its structural integrity.

Polymer-based joints are excellent solutions because they are durable and high-strength. Epoxy, in particular, offers superior moisture protection, and it stops plants from growing between slabs. Other commonly used materials include neoprene rubber, silicone, or polyurethane sealants, as they are cost-effective, strong, and will not rot or rust.

Benefits of Professional Expansion Joint Installation

Reduced Cracking

Expansion caused by temperature fluctuation and water absorption can cause cracks in concrete. These are unsightly and costly to repair, but expansion joints allow for expansion to happen while minimizing the risk of damage to the structure.

Improved Appearance

Small finishing details go a long way in giving the concrete a finished and professional appearance. New expansion joints aid in creating a high-end, clean look to commercial spaces, walkways, or driveways.

Enhanced Safety

Damaged concrete is a tripping hazard in high-traffic areas. Avoiding cracks and uneven surfaces improves the safety of your facility and helps prevent accidents.

Return on Investment

Though installing new concrete expansion joints has an upfront cost, they’re a great return on investment because they protect your concrete slabs from potential damage and dramatically increase their lifespan. In the long run, you’ll prevent expensive repairs and premature concrete replacement.

Why JDL Surface Innovations?

Discover what expansion joints can do for your property with JDL Surface Innovations. Our team takes pride in providing innovative, high-quality concrete resurfacing and refinishing solutions. In 2010, we were founded with the primary goal of enhancing ordinary concrete into durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

JDL is a fully insured company serving Fort Myers and the surrounding regions. Our skilled craftsmen are licensed and background-checked. We are committed to ongoing training so we can lead the market with the most cutting-edge, effective techniques to optimize your concrete.

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