Terrazzo Floor System in Fort Myers, FL

Terrazzo is highly popular because numerous options are available to meet any need or budget.


Terrazzo is also a “green” floor, meeting LEED requirements.  It’s ideal for high traffic areas – schools, airports, hotels, convention centers, etc.  Terrazzo flooring was very popular in homes in the past and has recently begun making a comeback.  The color palette and patterns available provide endless possibilities, just be careful not to overwhelm your space. 

It is a very hard, stone-like material that contains embedded chips of glass, rock, stone, or metal.  The finished product is polished to produce a smooth surface that will last for many years.  They are very easy to maintain and require no waxing.  

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A Terrazo floor system is a fantastic addition to any type of residential or commercial building. 

It works well with any decor or theme and can withstand high foot traffic. Terrazzo is highly popular because numerous options are available to meet any need or budget. 

Terrazzo floor systems are common in busy commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, and high-end restaurants because it amplifies the necessary atmosphere.

In hospitals, Terrazo floors match the clean and orderly pace. In hotels and restaurants, these floors can be either warm and cozy or elegant and luxurious.

Benefits of a Terrazzo Floor System


A Terrazzo floor system can last over 75 years with adequate care and maintenance. Since it is highly durable, you won’t need to replace Terrazzo flooring even for buildings with high foot or machinery traffic. 


Terrazzo floors are highly popular because they come in several colors, patterns, and designs. As a result, you can customize the appearance to fit your preference. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

You can easily remove stains and spills on Terrazzo flooring with a wet mop. You can also retain the shiny and attractive appearance with a buffer.  

Moisture and Stain Resistance

The monolithic surface prevents moisture from seeping into the material and staining the pattern. Additionally, the solid surface prevents microbial growth like algae, fungus, or mold. 


Terrazzo floors are non-toxic, safe, and use sustainable materials. Since they do not contain volatile compounds, you can safely use them indoors without compromising indoor air quality.

Reawaken Your Floor with Terrazo Floor System

Installing a Terrazzo flooring system gives your property an instant facelift. Whether you’re looking to boost curbside value to increase sale price or want high-value property in your portfolio, a Terrazzo floor is a great investment.

In addition, you can hide bare concrete slabs around your property with a custom Terrazzo design to give your building a new and exciting look.    

A Terrazzo flooring system is a composite flooring system with glass chips, quartz, or chips of marble embedded in a resinous mix, Portland cement, or modified Portland cement. After the pouring, curing, and polishing stages are complete, the final Terrazzo floor design is unique and eye-catching, instantly transforming any space. 

You can choose between two types of installation: poured in situ or precast. Poured in situ refers to Terrazzo floors poured directly into a framework to create a solid slab. We shape, bake, and cure precast Terrazzo tiles into the desired shape off-site before installing them on the property. 

Resin matrix custom Terrazzo flooring comes in three different types:

  • Basic: This is a mix of Portland cement and water with marble chips.
  • Cementitious: This is a mix of modified Portland cement and water. After curing, these types of Terrazzo floors are harder and more durable compared to the basic resin matrix.
  • Resinous: This is a thin-set type of Terrazzo flooring that can include epoxy, polyester, or polyacrylate-modified cement. 

The Coating Process

Before installation, we remove the top layer of concrete from your floor to ensure a strong and clean bond between the concrete and the Terrazzo. We also dry and level the floor to prevent air pockets from forming in the Terrazzo. 

Terrazzo flooring options with complex designs require divider strips to separate distinct patterns during installation. We install each section separately to ensure that the different colors, designs, and patterns do not mix. 

Once we complete all the sections, we use a mechanical roller to remove excess water and floor materials. A newly-installed Terrazzo flooring system requires at least 48 hours for proper drying and curing. After curing, we use a commercial grinder to smooth and polish the floor.

The final step is a coat of sealant to produce a smooth, watertight, and shiny surface. Cement-based Terrazaro floors require a water-based sealant to prevent stains.  

Why JDL Surface Innovations?

At JDL Innovations, we understand that property owners want to have the best floor materials at the right prices. That is why we source premium raw materials to create the highest-quality Terrazzo flooring systems that look as stunning as they are durable.

We are proud of our team of fully licensed and insured technicians. We have plenty of experience installing Terrazzo flooring in residential and commercial settings. We guarantee that we will treat your property with the respect it deserves because we understand the importance of relying on a trustworthy, respectable team. 

You can choose from our wide range of unique and attractive precast Terrazzo floor designs. We also offer pattern customization to help you bring your vision to life. Our team is happy to help guide you through our design process. 

Have more questions or want to start exploring the numerous benefits of a Terrazzo floor system? Call us at JDL Surface Innovations at 239-772-0077 to learn more.

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