Is Polished Concrete The Right Option For Your Commercial Space?

polished concrete for commercial use

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Presentation always matters, and a great look makes you look and feel great! 

We’ll explain the benefits of polished concrete so that you can make a decision on whether it’s the best choice for your commercial floors.

We’ve completed thousands of polished concrete floors over the last 10 years and while polished concrete can be a great choice, it may or may not be depending on what you need from your floor.

With that, we’ll get right into how you should make the decision.

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Is Polished Concrete The Best Flooring System For Commercial Settings?

Polished concrete gives you a long-lasting beautiful floor that works extremely well under heavy traffic, even forklifts. It is also a more environmentally friendly floor than many other flooring systems. Not only is it durable and eco-friendly, but it looks great. The only reason you wouldn’t want a polished concrete floor is if your floor is in bad enough shape that it truly needs a coating, if you have very specific design ideas, or if you have chemicals that frequently fall on the floor.

Polished Concrete is Smooth

Professionally polished concrete also gives you a smooth concrete surface. This finish is created by smoothing the concrete with specialized diamond grinding and then treating it with a hardener and other processes.

When the professionals at JDL Surface Innovations create your personalized custom polished concrete floor, you’ll have a smooth and beautiful floor that can last for generations.

Polished Concrete Is Green

Another fine benefit of polished concrete is that you can use the process to repair, repurpose and enhance your existing concrete slab. This is one reason it is considered a “green” eco-friendly option, and the use of the right concrete flooring can help grant you a LEED certification for green buildings.

Because it is an eco-friendly flooring system, polished concrete is a great option. When you choose mechanically polished concrete you are choosing a low VOC flooring. This means it only contributes a minute amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Polished concrete also does not require the use of or contain any dangerous chemicals. 

Polished Concrete Is Extremely Durable

When Polished Concrete is installed properly and maintained, it can last 20 years or longer in many cases. The lifespan of polished concrete far surpasses that of carpet, tile, or laminate flooring options.

How Is Polished Concrete Created?

Concrete polishing is a specialized process that requires the right equipment, tools, skills, and expertise. Have you ever worked with wood? The process we use to polish your concrete is a bit like sanding wood, because you start with a rough surface and make it smooth.

Instead of sandpaper we use coarse-grit diamond blades and then progress through a series of successively finer abrasives until a completely smooth surface is achieved.

Concrete polishing is done with extremely hard diamond blades that spin across the concrete surface to hone down and smooth the concrete. This is how we give you that mirror-like “million-dollar” glossy finish.

You also have many choices in the smoothness of your preferred finish. Different levels of look and finish are based on the grit of the abrasive, and the shiniest floors are created by using a 1,500 or 3,000 grit. As a rule of thumb, matte, industrial finish requires fewer passes and the shiny reflective finish requires more passes. Sometimes we have to go over the entire floor up to 12 times with finer diamond blades and burnishing pads.

Professional Concrete Polishing Services For You

Creating professionally polished concrete is generally not a do-it-yourself job.  It takes specialized equipment and expertise that comes from intense training and experience that comes from working in the medium.

As pros that take pride in our work, we guarantee that every step in the process will be carried out with professional precision.  Before we start the smoothing process, we carefully remove any existing coatings. During the smoothing process, we apply chemical hardeners so your polished concrete floor will not only be beautiful and slip-resistant, but extremely durable as well.

The final process is the application of a guard. This enhances the sheen and stain resistance of the floor.

How Is Polished Concrete Created?

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Is Polished Concrete The Best Choice For My Floor?

When you choose JDL Surface Innovations In Florida, we will help you compare polished concrete to our other flooring options.

Compared to many other flooring materials, polished concrete lasts longer with much less maintenance. It is also more resistant to chips, scratches, and damage, and is more economical to install and maintain. Polished concrete requires and contains no dangerous chemicals, and it also works well with radiant floor heating.

Another benefit of polished concrete is aesthetics. Polished concrete is a great option because it is available in a nearly infinite choice of beautiful finishes.

If you have a floor that needs sloping for drainage, or special flooring as a result of food and beverage requirements, then an epoxy coating may be a better option.

Where Can I Have a Polished Concrete Floor Installed?

A polished concrete floor looks great and lasts a long time no matter where you have one. An ideal use of polished concrete is in a location with a lot of foot and equipment traffic or a building that you want to have an industrial look like a Manhattan loft.

Polished concrete works well in these spaces because it is durable enough to continue to look great while never needing excessive maintenance and upkeep.

JDL Surface Innovations Will Help You With Your Polished Concrete Floor

When you’re making your flooring decision, the most important decision comes first. Is polished concrete my best option? If so, what level of polish do I want, and do I want to include extra design features that will add beauty to my floor?

Why not enjoy a clean professional concrete floor for your home or business?

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