Epoxy Flake Floor Colors and Styles

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Epoxy flake floors are the typical floor that you will see applied in a garage and in many industrial settings like a commercial kitchen. Epoxy flake floors are a system where a primer coat is applied, and flake chips are broadcasted (thrown) into the epoxy where they will stick. After the flakes are sanded down, a topcoat is applied. You can use different colors of chips and different topcoats to achieve the look and durability on a floor that is to the standards and specifications needed.

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Different types of epoxy flake chips

There are many types of epoxy flake systems. Vinyl flakes are the standard epoxy flakes used on floors but there are also quartz and other ingrediants that can be added into the flakes to make the epoxy into a mortar-like substance. Sand can even be added into epoxy. Each type of flake serves a different purpose. You can find the standard flake color systems displayed below.

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Pigments that can be used in epoxy

It’s important to color the base primer coat of epoxy with the right color. Most times, a grey pigment will be used with a flake system but if you want your floor to stand out or look different, there are many colors you can choose from on your basecoat.

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