Epoxy Flake Color Chart/Styles

Epoxy Flake Color ChartStyles

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Epoxy flake floors are the typical floor that you will see applied in a garage and many industrial settings like a commercial kitchen. Epoxy flake floors are a system where a primer coat is used, and flake chips are broadcasted (thrown) into the epoxy, where they will stick. 

After the flakes are sanded down, a topcoat is applied. You can use different colors of chips and different topcoats to achieve the look and durability on a floor that meets the standards and specifications.

Why Choose Epoxy Flake Flooring

Epoxy Flake Flooring is an excellent option for various settings, including garages, where it has proven to be a popular flooring material. Because it is slip-resistant, it is a perfect choice for locations that are frequently exposed to water, such as restrooms and toilets. 

Similarly, epoxy flake floors are the standard in educational institutions because many of them may be customized to match the school’s colors. As a result of its capacity to withstand heavy foot traffic, it is also an ideal choice for commercial applications. Some benefits of epoxy flake flooring include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durability and strength
  • Functional and customizable features
  • Provides chemical resistance
  • Matchless abrasion

Places to install epoxy flake flooring

As much as you can install epoxy flake floors anywhere in the home or commercial environment, there are certain places where they are the perfect fit. A few of the places include:

  • Hotels and other accommodations
  • Amusement parks
  • Retail stores and supermarkets
  • Transport stations and terminals
  • Schools
  • Medical environments
  • Garage floors and walkways
  • Rescue, fire stations, and EMS (Emergency Medical Service)

A few things to consider when choosing epoxy flake

Think about what aesthetic qualities appeal to you the most and the design that perfectly fits the existing elements of your home’s construction and layout. You should also consider the resale value of your home. Although a bold and unusual color could catch your eye at the moment, it may hinder your ability to sell the house in the future.

Ready For A State of The Art Floor?

Different types of epoxy flake chips

There are many types of epoxy flake systems. Vinyl flakes are the standard epoxy flakes used on floors, but quartz and other ingredients can be added to the flakes to make the epoxy into a mortar-like substance. You can also add sand to epoxy. Each type of flake serves a different purpose. You can find the standard flake color systems displayed below.

Pigments that can be used in epoxy

It’s important to color the base primer coat of epoxy with the right color. Usually, a grey pigment will be used with a flake system, but if you want your floor to stand out or look different, there are many colors you can choose from on your basecoat.

How JDL applies Epoxy Flake to your floors

JDL is changing how people think about epoxy floor coatings. We are homeowners to find beauty in epoxy floors and see the benefits it has to offer.

Using epoxy flakes is an effective way to add a new and fresh coat of paint to your floor. The process takes the effort of a specialized epoxy floor technician to create a result that is worth it. Here is how we apply flakes to your floors:

  • After the base coat, we sprinkle the epoxy flakes over.
  • It is necessary to scatter the flakes across the entire floor until the attempt is unsuccessful (meaning they are no longer sticking to the epoxy).
  • We scrape the flakes and add some extra flakes to fill any gaps that may have been created.
  • We then apply a transparent topcoat to finish things off.
  • Adding this step to the process of coating an epoxy floor can take up to an additional day or possibly more time, depending on the size of the floor. 

When you hire a professional, you save time and work and get an application that is flawless, even, and long-lasting.

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