What Is Terrazzo Flooring?

terrazzo flooring

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Picture this: a flooring material that’s not just practical but also a work of art. That’s terrazzo. It’s a blend of glass, rock, stone, or metal chips embedded in a mix of resin, Portland cement, or modified Portland cement. After a careful process of pouring, curing, and polishing, terrazzo floors emerge with a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching design that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Today, on the JDL Surfaces blog, we are going to dive into all the details of terrazzo flooring and why it’s a great choice for you.

Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty of Installation

So, how are terrazzo floors installed? Well, there are two ways to go about it: “poured in situ” or “precast.” The former involves pouring terrazzo directly into a framework to create a solid slab. 

On the other hand, “precast” terrazzo tiles are crafted, baked, and cured off-site before they’re installed in your space. For fancy patterns that require a bit more TLC, divider strips come into play to ensure colors and patterns stay put. Plan ahead for a 48-hour drying and curing period. The grand finale? A sealant to make it smooth, watertight, and shiny.

Terrazzo for Homes? You Bet!

Hold onto your hats, homeowners – Terrazzo isn’t just for businesses. Many homes are opting for these floors, too! Thanks to a vast color palette and options for patterns, homeowners can completely customize their homes. Whether you want to create a cozy vibe or ooze elegance, terrazzo can make your vision come to life. 

Terrazzo’s Fan Club: Where Can You Find It?

Terrazzo isn’t a wallflower; it loves the spotlight in places like schools, airports, hotels, and convention centers. Hospitals, hotels, and high-end restaurants swear by terrazzo for good reason. In hospitals, it complements the clean and orderly vibe. Hotels and restaurants? Terrazzo can set the mood – whether it’s warm and inviting or posh and upscale. It doesn’t just amplify the atmosphere; it’s a stylish and practical choice.

The Perks of Terrazzo Flooring

  • Low Maintenance: Terrazzo floors are a piece of cake to maintain. Say goodbye to waxing – all you need is regular sweeping and the occasional damp mop.
  • Design Freedom: Terrazzo is your canvas! With endless design possibilities, you can create a floor that’s uniquely yours.
  • Rock-Solid Durability: It can take a beating and still look fantastic. Plus, it’s allergy-friendly and fire-resistant.
  • Cost-Effective: While the initial installation cost might be a bit steeper than some other flooring options, terrazzo’s longevity and minimal upkeep make it a budget-friendly choice in the long run.

Meet the Terrazo Professionals at JDL Surface Innovations in Cape Coral, FL

Ready to step up your flooring game? Look no further than JDL Surface Innovations in Cape Coral, Florida. We are all about sourcing top-notch materials to craft high-quality Terrazzo flooring systems that are as stunning as they are sturdy. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to treating your property with the care it deserves. 

So, when you’re ready to elevate your space with the timeless elegance of Terrazzo flooring, give JDL Surfaces a call at 239-230-3312. Or contact us today on our website. Get ready to transform your environment with terrazzo’s classic allure.

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