The Benefits of a Slip-Resistant Coated Epoxy Garage Floor

The Benefits of a Slip-Resistant Coated Garage Floor

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Is an epoxy garage floor worth the investment? Many business owners wonder about the value of epoxy floor coating in garages and other areas. In this post, JDL Surface Innovations discusses the benefits of coating concrete floors with a slip-resistant sealant. 

Protecting the Substrate

Concrete floors are durable and therefore are popular in commercial enterprises. The downside is that they are also highly porous. Therefore, if you spill anything on the unsealed floor, the chances of it staining are high.

Epoxy coatings solve this issue by placing an impenetrable layer between the concrete and the outside world. Not only does this protect it from spills and scratches, but also some of the effects of temperature extremes.

So, the next time you drop a hammer or some oil, your epoxy garage floor in Cape Coral takes the hit. As the surface has some give, the hammer bounces away harmlessly, and the oil will merely sit on top until you clean it up. 

Many people scoff at the idea of “protecting” a rock-hard flooring material like concrete, but concrete is just as prone to damage as any other material. 

Less Hot Tire Pickup

Hot tires can wreak havoc on a commercial garage floor. The issue is that the rubber heats up and expands while the vehicle is on the road. When the rubber cools, it contracts and, with low-quality coatings, lifts the epoxy.

Polyurea coatings are far more resistant to this phenomenon, and polyaspartic coatings are practically immune to it.

UV Resistance

The older formulations of epoxy were good, with the exception of one thing. They yellowed, faded, or became brittle in direct sunlight. Polyurea formulations are less volatile and better able to resist UV radiation, but the latest technology, polyaspartic coatings, have in-built UV resistance.

Now, garage floor epoxy is no longer relegated to small dingy spaces—you can use it in full sunlight!


Unsealed concrete is dull and lifeless. It’s functional but stains so quickly that it always seems grubby and unpleasantly dusty. Epoxy garage floor coatings turn this situation around by creating a showpiece. 

Even a plain clear coating adds a high-end gloss effect, but that is only one possibility. You can also add:

  • Pigments
  • Mica
  • Quartz
  • Metallic paints
  • Vinyl flakes
  • Sand
  • Stone chips

There are a variety of looks you can pull off for your home or business. Do you want your garage showroom to look like it’s floors are made of marble? Or what about a swirling, 3-D metallic pattern? 

We can recreate the look of natural stone or create a customized coating that matches your company colors. With the number of additives available, the sky is the limit.

And thanks to its stain-resistance and anti-fading properties, it will look as good in five years as it does today.

Easy to Clean

The moisture-repellant properties and seamless finish makes your new epoxy garage floor very simple to clean. In most cases, you can wipe away spills with warm water and a gentle brush. Aside from that, we recommend sweeping the floor daily to remove dirt and debris.

You can break out the mop and water once a week to lift any remaining dust. Most of the time, you don’t need specialist cleaning agents, but if you decide to use chemicals, ensure they are not abrasive to avoid scuffing the protective layer. 

Other than that, you might need to polish the floor with an epoxy polish to buff out scratches.

Better Air Quality

Unsealed concrete sheds dust consistently, filling the air with tiny particles that can aggravate allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Coatings prevent dust from concrete polluting your air, and unlike with carpeting or tiling, you don’t need an adhesive high in VOCs to attach the coating. Therefore, you enjoy better air quality from two fronts.

Better Safety

Epoxy can be slippery, but you can add aggregates to improve traction. These aggregates can include sand particles or stone chips that significantly reduce the chances of slip-and-fall accidents.

You can improve safety even more by using a light-reflecting color to enahnce the brightness of a dingy garage. Finally, you can use different colored sections on the floor to denote the various areas for use.

For example, you could mark a safety zone around a pit, hoist, or any other machinery.

Business Value

Your new coating comes with a warranty that will transfer to new building owners. Even if your epoxy garage floor coating is past this date, it can still add value because it:

  • Looks beautiful
  • Is stain and damage-resistant
  • Safer to walk or drive on
  • Is easy to clean
  • Long-lasting

Think of it this way. If you were buying a garage, would you prefer to see a pristine floor or a filthy one? We all know that the flooring itself does not have much impact on the work quality. However, it is very off-putting to see a workspace that looks messy and unhygienic.

What’s more, you may wonder about the liability implications of a space with so many grease stains all over. 

Easy Installation

When professionals install your epoxy garage floor, they follow specific steps to ensure maximum adherence and durability. And you can forget long curing times; polyurea and polyaspartic are move-in ready within 24 hours. 

Epoxy Garage Floor in Cape Coral

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